Explore Mars - Mars Colonization Blockchain Initiative

The Mars Colonization Blockchain Initiative founder Jeremy Fabiano is setting ownership of 30% of Games To End All Games Inc. profits and all minted coins on the Ichoronium blockchain's to Fabiano Space Explorations Inc. Each rocket, ship , satellite , habitat, robots, piece of equipment , supplies , space port fees and any other costs associated with the initial missions will be tokenized across the Ichoronium blockchain network under a special solidity contract. The MCBI tokens are transferred along with the face value cryptocurrency for cash out by FSE Inc for activation of the mission plans once funded. Funding will come from selling FSE’s Ichoronium holdings when it hits certain price points. Also donations on the contracts will be collected from the gaming network. There will also be a MCBI fee (2%) placed on all transactions. 50 billion dollars will be raised for the initial missions. It is our estimate it will take 5 missions to establish the first colony. see white paper for more details.