The UVOPAY Ecosystem

A forward thinking, blockchain based gaming architecture.

UvoPay Ecosystem

The internet is flooded by the buzz created by the newly launched online game Oakz Mining which is a clicker game where players can earn real crypto currency. Oakz Mining is a part of the UvoPay ecosystem and the first in a long line of entertaining and innovative games that will be launched, whereby players have the opportunity to earn real crypto currency simply by playing and progressing through the levels set within the games.

The UvoPay ecosystem is primarily about developing online video games and whereby the end-users earn real cryptocurrency by playing various games, which are available as part of the ecosystem. For those new to cryptocurrency, it’s important to know what an ecosystem is. The UvoPay ecosystem is more like a community – a group of businesses, gamers and people who work together, where the focus is on the overall success of the ecosystem as a whole. The success of the UvoPay ecosystem relies on its community and in return the community reaps the befits as a direct result of a successful ecosystem.

Introducting UVOCash

Another important component of the UvoPay ecosystem is UvoCash. This is the official currency of all the games in the ecosystem. UvoPay can be treated as a bank where all the members will have the opportunity to open they’re very own bank account and link they’re crypto currency wallets to their fiat currency accounts. These bank accounts will allow all members to make domestic and international transactions while enabling them to hold other types of currencies as well. With the goal of involving the global community, the UvoPay ecosystem is extremely user-friendly. The system is designed so that people with limited or no bitcoin or other cryptocurrency experience, can become a part of this new and exciting world by simply joining our ecosystem. The easy to use software will enable the users, whether its business or personal, to transfer fiat currencies or digital currencies to recipients either within or outside the eco-system.

All the various projects working within the UvoPay ecosystem, contribute a percentage of profits, which are reserved in the UvoPay vault. This profit preservation will support and enhance the value of our cryptocurrency UvoCash and in turn will benefit every member of the ecosystem who hold UvoCash coins, as we foresee the value of UvoCash continuously growing in value.