Frequently Asked Questions

Find out more about our free to play games, and the Ichoronium system

Ichoronium has many meanings, but its first meaning, is that Ichoronium is a network of gamers, publishers and game asset traders who participate in the network with the main goal of putting gamers in space and helping jump start a private space economy to colonize the solar system and provide a viable economic system that transfers value across vast distances such as the moons and other planets.

People will participate in the Ichoronium network make money playing games, earn entrance to the FABS Explorations Astronaut Corps to go on space missions, or publish games and trade assets.

Ichoronium Social is the social network that manages the social network functions of the gaming network. Here users will have their own gaming profiles, stream their games live, and make friends while trading assets and participating in the network. Gamers will interact with the games they play and publishers who make them in a unprecedented and never seen before fashion. 
The Ichoronium Blockchain is the public ledger where all the gameprofits accounts, video game assets and contracts for the network are made public for the world to see. Unlike Bitcoin, Ethereum and others, Ichoronium is a privately held and run blockchain network. All privilege's and blockchain functions are limited to Ichoronium Network Membership.  

Functions such minting assets, characters and mining Ichoronium are only for approved members with approved devices. Ichoronium is a "Fee Free" blockchain network , meaning to send and receive Ichoronium or any of its assets on the network outside of the platform, does not require ichor. For instance when you use Bitcoin or Ethereum's blockchain, when commencing a transaction you need Bitcoin or Ethereum to pay the fee to send the transaction. 

On this network, sending and receiving transactions are free. A fee is only charged when game assets are converted to USD. For instance, if you walk into a store pay for coffee with game cash or Ichoronium. This transaction is outside of the platform and no fee is charged to the customer. Only a processing charge to merchant for conversion to USD such as 2% .
The blockchain that tracks the games and databases and events server.
The Ichoronium Premium Exchange is where premium exchange traders mass trade game assets. Gameonauts, Coin Enthusiasts and Gamers have several places where they can purchase games assets and characters such as  the exchange, inside the open and closed markets of video games , and inside Premium Exchange Trader stores and Gameonaut stores on Ichoronium Social. 

When members go into these outlets and purchases game items such as characters, guns, ammo, spells etc,  there will be a wide variety to choose from. The market prices for all these assets are based off the trading of the items on this exchange. Only Premium Exchange Traders can put sell orders on this exchange and make items in bulk available in these outlets or to other members on the network. 

Other members who a mass bulk items and want to sell them on the open market will have smart contracts available with their premium exchange trader they follow and they will be able to sell into the market for a fee on the items. 

Some game assets will amass value based on who used the item, what event the items were used in, who won with the item, or lost with the item, The item could be a special color or have a sticker on it, Maybe only 100 of the item were made, Either way certain game assets will rise in value above market price. These items will be traded and sold through out the network. Any auctions of items will go through the premium exchange. 

Any mass purchases of items outside of a gamers membership limits by a non Premium Exchange Trader must use the Premium Exchange Traders smart contract for the buy order on the items. 

Each funded mission is correlated to a gaming cycle. When mission funding through game play hits 65% , the gaming cycle triggers “The Games” . Each gaming cycle tournament produces 4 certified Gameonauts and generates 280 million in gross revenue USD.
“The Games” Once a gaming cycle reach's 65 percent funding and down payment is achieved on the space rocket ride and tentative launch date is set, the online tournaments start to raise the remaining 35 % of funding and select the 4 certified gameonauts as champions for the cycle.

The games will continue until funding reaches 100% , once that happens the top 1500 gamers on the network will receive an all expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World’s Contemporary Resorts & Conference Center in Orlando Florida where secure industry standard gaming stations and game profits staff will securely monitor and run the final brackets of the Games To End All Games.

 At the end of the tournament a ceremony will commence with all gamers at the conference present, music , role play and a swearing in ceremony will happen along with presentation of the new gamonauts, they will be given their astronaut helmet and suit and and be hired by the FABS Explorations Astronauts Corps to prepare for their mission. This will turn into a world wide event .
Very Simple, Your game play funds the space mission. We call it "The Gamification Of Space Exploration" Every time a gamer spends game cash to play game, or buys a asset , commissions are run up the gamers trade network. This includes commissions to the current gamming cycle account fund. The same goes for gold, every time gold is rewarded on the network commission are run up the gamers trade network including the gaming cycle account fund. All transactions are commission based so everyone gets paid to play.
Gamers on our network pay no membership fees. They pay lightly higher fees and are paid slightly lower commissions. Gamers are basically in it for the money, They come , they play games, they get paid and they follow and support their favorite Gameonauts by following them on the network.
A Gamenonaut is paid member who patriciates in the network with the hopes of earning Gamenonaut Certification and being hired by Fabiano Astronautics Business & Space Explorations Corporation to become a real astronaut. Gameonauts earn certification through two routes. The first is being a Gaming Cycle Champion.

These gamers generate the required 75 million dollars in gross game profits required for certification through game cycle participation. These gamers win local regional and international tournaments for a gaming cycle. The top 1500 gamers at the end of the cycle(Gamenonites) are invited with a all expenses paid trip to Walt Disney World Resorts Conference Center in Orlando Florida for the final brackets and certification ceremonies. 

The second being generating 75 million dollars in the measured key metrics such as asset sales, streaming advertising e-sports fee generation etc. The final brackets are called "The Games To End Games" and select the Champion and three backups for Gameonaut certification through this method. The complete gaming cycle generates roughly 280 million USD. This is the fastest way to earn FABS Explorations Astronauts Corps entrances. It's called the "Games To End All Games" because chances are that winners are highly addicted gamers and the only remote chance to take that controller or mouse away from a warm pair of hands is entrance into the Space X / Nasa Astronaut training programs. Any game play by them is very limited due to their training and will be broadcast live on the network when it does happen. The game profits platform makes it achievable for games and gamers generate the funds to do these types of missions.

The cost to certify gamounauts and complete gaming cycles will dramatically decrease as soon as StarShip is flying. Cost should drop to 7.5  million per gameonaut and make space flight achievable for all participants on the network with in a 10 year time span. 
The Premium Exchange Trader Network consists of game publishers and asset traders. These individuals or companies developer and publish video games.
Games To End All Games Inc.'s Ichoronium platform is open to all game stuidos, independent studios. If you have a game you would like to publish, Gameprofits staff will review your game and if approved will grant you or your team test net access to apply the Ichoronium PDGCS backend to your video game, coverting its economy to the ichoronium network.

The spilt depends on what is being split  whether its cash, assets, fees etc and how many active gamers are in your network. We are doing our best to keep at 70/30. 

Keep in mind that 30% your giving up as a game publisher is paying trade networks(gamers) and also funding the current Gaming Cycle. takes about 10 percent. 

You also give up all advertising and merchandising rights(your are paid very heavy splits on this(70/30) to "Game Profits Certified" version of the game. (Yes you can publish it else where if you choose).  But any merchandising with game profits branding must go through our store network. 

As a Premium Exchange Trader you are also enjoying other benefits such as asset and character minting, Ichoronium mining and larger Trade Network Commission. 

Marketing Systems, Communications Systems , and Back Office Systems come with your PET membership. 

Gameprofits assists you with your game development and once a release is prepared we have our engineers publish the game under our network.  We certify the game as using our PDGCS and guarantees its requirements to use all our game pieces that you select to use in your game. We will show you how :) 

Gold - Gold is minted on the network 2 ways. The first way is through advertising revenue. The second way is through gamer purchases of gold. Gold has a face cashable value of $10 USD per 1 kg. the Denominations are as follows. 1 gld = 1 kg 0.001 = 1 gram 0.000001 = 1 gold dust Gold can be exchanged for USD by anyone in the network and is the main trading currency.
Game Cash - Game Cash is used to start video games on the network and purchase assets and charterers inside video games. Only Premium Exchange Traders and gameonauts can exchange gamecash for gold. Game Cash can only be minted by sending gold to the minting account address by anyone and vice versa. Think of game cash as the tokens you used to get when putting money in the machine at the arcade games of old. Game Cash is only worth money to game publishers and premium exchange traders as they use it to sell assets for their video games Game Cash USD value is as follows 10,000 Game Cash = 1 kg gold 10,000 Game Cash = $10.00 USD 0.01 game cash = 1 Gold Dust (0.0000001) This exchange mechanism between gold. game cash and, USD allows us to split a penny a 1000 ways for gameplay.
Oakz are a type of asset that can be converted to gamecash to go play video games. So if you purchase a premium miner with Ichornium, that miner returns you oakz once a day. You typically receive a 30% return in gamecash to play games over collections. Each premium contract expires after 90 collections. So what's the point ? You get more daily gamecash to play games and network commission run upline.
Video Games generate profits, lots of them. They generate these profits in various ways. Advertising, selling game pieces such as skins and guns , selling copy's of the game it self, merchandising. Its no secrets the video game industry generated a record 120 billion dollars last year and will obliterate those records this year due to the pandemic.
Multiplayer games, now called e-sports games will pay out to the winners 70% of the purse to which the game holds. The other 30% is paid out to the game owner , trade network, and the Game Cycle fund. 

Example 1 : 

For a two player game, each player will deposit the required amount of gamecash to start the game(usually around 100 game cash or $0.10 USD  for online games) 

For instance , you and friend play each other in a game for 100 grams of gold (0.1 gld or $1 USD). 

The winner of the match will earn 140 grams of gold or about $1.70USD while the rest is split between the trade network , publisher and Game Cycle accounts. 

Example 2 : 

For a first person shooter death match with 30 players , each player will deposit the required amount of gamecash to start the game(usually around 100 game cash or $0.10 USD for online games). This game cash goes to the publishing studio, trade network and Game Cycle Account. 

Then each player will put up their gold say 20 grams of gold ( 0.020 gld or  ($0.20USD))  
This would make the total purse 500 grams of gold. 
The winner of the death match would take home 350 grams of gold (0.350 gld or $3.50USD) 
The remaining 150 grams of gold is split between the trade network, game publisher and Gaming Cycle. 

All memberships on the network earn Trade Network Commissions.