Jeremy Fabiano Chairman Of The Board & CEO

A Full Stack Nightmare : Fab's has over 25 years of hands on computer science experience over dozens of various contexts,capacities, languages and frameworks.

Richard Silverman Chief Operating Officer

: Mr. Silverman is the company Chief Operating Officer. Mr. Silverman previously served as the CFO of three subscription food businesses and an industrial business.

Vivek Sharma Outsourcing Director, Smart Data Inc

19 years Of Extensive Exposure: in leading large scale teams & operations across geographies. Specialties: Service Operations, Leadership of large Teams and Projects, Relationship Management, Business development.

Alfredo Salas Network Operations Director

Director Of Network Operations

Saurabh Sharma Blockchain Engineer

Blockchain Designer : He works as an CTO at FrootyStudios. He has 4+ years of experience architecting Web Based Applications And having a keen interest in latest technologies.

Diksha Applications Computer Scientist

Full Stack Nightmare :

Mike Human Premium Exchange Trader

The networks first Premium Exchange Trader, He will be publishing "Avg. Mikes Online Pool"

Sunil Khandare Founding Community Engineer

CEO At Webosys Software : I have more than 7 year of experience in Web Development & Project Management.

Kasun Nimith Former Video Game Engineer

Unity Engineer : Kas provided us with the unity skills needed to create three orginal titles and "Certified Game Profits" 7 prefabricated games.
Games To End All Games Inc.
Parent company of
Digital Ocean
DigitalOcean, Inc. is an American cloud infrastructure provider headquartered in New York City with data centers worldwide.
Unity Technologies
Unity Technologies is a video game software development company based in San Francisco, California. It was founded in Denmark in 2004 as Over the Edge Entertainment
Upwork, formerly Elance-oDesk, is a global freelancing platform where businesses and independent professionals connect and collaborate remotely.
Smart Data Inc
Is a leading custom IT business consultantcy, having made business easier and more profitable for varied small to medium size projects. As a technology partner, we deliver solutions in line with your business goals. With 8000+ projects completed and 1000's of developers on staff.
Frooty Studios
Frooty Studios, is an Fast Paced Development Company based out of Uttarakhand India. Our team consists of Full Stack game developers, BI and Database Engineers, and Web Developers.
Webosys Software Pvt. Ltd.
Webosys Software Pvt. Ltd. is an upcoming company striving for best of the quality through best of the Web development and Web Application. We believe that, giving the perfect solution to the client at any cost is the best practice to lead ourselves towards success. We have always looked towards future in form of technologies and always gone for the most advanced of the technologies.
Laravel is a free, open-source PHP web framework, created by Taylor Otwell and intended for the development of web applications following the model–view–controller architectural pattern and based on Symfony.
Mongo DB
MongoDB is a cross-platform document-oriented database program. Classified as a NoSQL database program, MongoDB uses JSON-like documents with schema. MongoDB is developed by MongoDB Inc. and licensed under the Server Side Public License.
Node.js is an open-source, cross-platform, JavaScript runtime environment that executes JavaScript code outside of a browser.
Ethereum is an open source, public, blockchain-based distributed computing platform and operating system featuring smart contract functionality. It supports a modified version of Nakamoto consensus via transaction-based state transitions
MultiChain is an off­the­shelf platform for the creation and deployment of private blockchains, either within or between organizations. It aims to overcome a key obstacle to the deployment of blockchain technology in the institutional financial sector, by providing the privacy and control required in an easy­to­use package.