Follow these short simple steps to learn how to sign up and get paid to play our first set of legacy web and mobile video games and start earning cash today! We are not just some new video game network, We are creating new careers, life styles, and have a common goal of funding human colony on Mar's!. All we need you to do is participate and enjoy our first Legacy Games(there are 10 of them). They are the first 10 games we "Certified Game Profits" and built the network around. While not flashy yet simple, they demonstrate the power and flexibility of the network. 100's of games will now follow! Be sure to join our community and request game types on our forums!

This is a video game network practically from the future. So while signing up now and downloading our mobile games or playing them on the web is easy, Understanding how to exchange your gold,gamecash,ammo,swords and other assets for USD will take a bit of learning. We will train you and support you ! Start your adventure today!

So be sure to sign-up now! Then finish reading the content on this front page so you understand what you are doing and how to get paid!

It's a simple answer really, Revenue Sharing. Games Make Money. Lots of it. So our games return to you a portion of the revenue it brings in for your good game play. Between 2 -50% for good play.

This is just 1 way you make money on our network, There are also online single player weekly daily and monthly competitions going on RIGHT NOW!

Launching this spring is our online multiplayer head to head game play where earnings have no limits. Here you can earn big purses in tournaments and 40 personal battle royals. Earning profits on a tournament's placement and achievable goals. In first person shooters, rules will be you drop what your killed holding, You could earn 100's of dollars everyday from just collecting and running guns in games. The financial opportunity's are just as limitless as ones imagination can behold.

Ichoronium is the system which tracks all the assets that are publishable, transferable, and fucntional for the games published on

Ichoronium is a fee free network and private blockchain system, meaning its free to transfer game assets and coins during game play.

Free users pay higher fees when depositing or widthdrawing U.S. Dollars. Paid users enjoy much lower fees, earn commissions on users they bring into the network, and have special access to features and free market exchanges.


Remember all gold and game cash minted and in circulation, is done so through game revenues, sponsorships and game profits deposits by Games To End All Games Inc the parent company of

Spread the word, grow your trade network, play our 10 games 15-20 minuets each a day and pay a bill this month or buy a new pair of kicks or even a new video game. The more people play the more Game Profits that are generated , the more users we get , the better the sponsors we get, the more gold we earn during game play.

Save your gold for our launching of multiplayer head to head and battle royal play where you could earn unlimited amounts of income for skilled online play ! Register today to keep up todate!